Sustainability Reports From HP Indigo Available at Printing Expo Online

by | May 4, 2022

It’s been 20 years since HP Inc. released its first sustainability report. Today, our world stands on the precipice of history and we need to act on our responsibilities to the planet now. HP Indigo’s new sustainability impact overview explains how they are embedding sustainability and social impact into the business of digital print and graphic arts, at the start of a particularly critical decade.

Brands set clear goals for a circular economy

Increasingly, the world’s leading brands are moving toward a circular economy, and it’s not only because they want to, but because the market demands it. With efforts being led overwhelmingly by the millennials, consumer pressure is mounting, and the world is watching. So, don’t be left behind. Sustainability isn’t just a trend, it’s a long-lasting movement for the planet, and if done right, it can do wonders for your bottom line.

A circular economy is a shift in focus from the ʻtake, make, and dispose’ linear model to reusing materials and products at the end of their service life to create a new product ʻin an infinite loop.’ What used to be regarded as waste can thus be turned into a valuable resource.

 A Revolution in Print

A dramatic change is underway globally across industries. In the utilities sector, energy from renewable sources is now more accessible and affordable than that from fossil fuels. In the transport sector, tens of millions of electric vehicles roam the world’s roads – when a decade ago they were almost unknown. In the finance sector, some US$31 trillion1 of funds are held in so-called ʻgreen’ investments.

This revolution is dramatic, disruptive, and driving forward at an unprecedented rate. And it is starting to gain traction in the print and packaging industry too. We are seeing ever more companies take a ʻcircular economy’ approach to the way they produce packaging and paper products which is significantly more sustainable than the current norm….

The HP Indigo Sustainable Impact Overview 2020 and 2021, HP Indigo Frequently Asked Questions and Circular Economy reports can now be downloaded for free from the reception of the Digital Pouch Factory, xRServices Masterclass room and the Pre-press room in the HP Indigo Commercial Print Showroom at the show. Visit now!