Printing Expo launches as a fully virtual exhibition

by | Apr 13, 2020

This text is reproduced with kind permission of Sign Media, you can read the original article here on Sign Media.

Resolve Business Management (RBM) recently announced the launch of Printing Expo—the world’s first virtual exhibition and conference facility for the printing industry.

The show is slated to open in June 2020. Show directors Wayne Beckett and Chris Watson of RBM have used their longstanding technical experience managing cloud-based products as well as expertise in running large-scale printing industry exhibitions to create this innovative concept.

“We believe this is the right time to conduct a virtual print show, not just because of the present restrictions in attending physical trade shows, which will be in place for some time, but also because of the sustainability advantages and easier accessibility for visitors,” said Beckett. “We know many companies are all set for new product launches later this year and, with no current trade shows, this will have a massive impact on their businesses. The expo is designed to give suppliers a regular stream of enquiries throughout the year and their stand Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) can also be used for advertising and marketing opportunities outside of the exhibition.”

Printing Expo will work in the same way a live exhibition does, except anyone can visit the show 24-7 throughout the year, from anywhere in the world.

The 10,000-m² (107,639-sf) venue and all the stands will be rendered out to real physical dimensions. Once they have registered, visitors will be able to navigate through the hall and visit stands, complete with 3D products, high-definition (HD) videos, and literature downloads, generating real-time sales enquiries.

Exhibitors will be able to update the products on their stands with a range of interactive content that visitors can explore and download. An intuitive search interface and interactive floor plan will ensure the show is easy to navigate, and the best content is always found first.

Exhibitors will also be able to update their stand or feature a different product each week, if required. Through their back-office support, they will also be able to change the content such as videos and brochures as regularly as needed.

In addition, Printing Expo will be running a monthly conference program, where exhibitors can run seminars and demonstrations to a global market. The show will also be working with various print associations around the globe to produce country-driven content.

Once the show goes live this summer, Printing Expo will invest massively in promoting the show around the world to end-users. Exhibitor VIP passes will be issued in the same way as traditional shows in order to drive visitor footfall.

Printing Expo is co-locating with another virtual trade show which has received more than 40,000 visitors since it started in January. Printing Expo will be located in Hall #2 hosted on the V-Ex Virtual Exhibition platform.

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