Muller Martini expands Printing Expo showroom ready for Virtual.drupa

by | Apr 19, 2021

Muller Martini has introduced five new machines and is set to showcase them at Printing Expo ready for Virtual.drupa. The company has designed a large 2 storey showroom to accommodate its state-of-the-art equipment plus a hospitality suite where visitors can discover all they need to know about the Future of Finishing with Muller Martini. 

The additional machines include a Sigma Line III digital book block solution, an Alegro perfect binder and a Publica Pro perfect binder, a Ventura MC 160 sewing machine and a Diamant MC Digital bookline.

Adrian Mayr, Head of Project Management and Corporate Marketing, states: “Printing Expo’s virtual exhibition is giving us a unique platform to showcase our latest machines. Everyone is looking for new ways to communicate. Muller Martini is convinced that we benefit most from a mix of physical and online interaction with our audiences. We do not see Printing Expo’s online initiative as a choice but an opportunity – it is a complementary option and of huge benefit to us. The Printing Expo platform can showcase our machines to the widest audience. Our participation in Printing Expo’s 3D visual browsing experience is already having a positive impact on our business. Since November of last year, we have been tracking and analysing our stats and the numbers are impressive. For us this proves that exhibiting with Printing Expo was the correct strategy. The demand for customisation and personalised printed products is driving interest in our latest range of finishing equipment.”  

Muller Martini worked with Printing Expo’s design team to create the showroom. The company’s 3D graphics have been rendered on a ‘real world’ scale into the Printing Expo space. Visitors will find Muller Martini’s latest machines plus detailed information on the technical capabilities of the equipment along with the advantages they can offer for business growth. Mayr continues, “We have also established virtual demonstrations on the stand and the sales figures and leads are evidence of how well this strategy is working for us. Interest is growing with visitors dropping by every day to take a look at our machines in our virtual showroom. We offer them content which shows our capabilities and the additional value of our products. We also display content on our website with links back to Printing Expo. The complementary information explains more about our cooperation and gives visitors opportunities to engage with us and learn more. The interesting thing is people are now coming online and interacting by adding new content.  Muller Martini’s goal is to provide content to attract and engage. The strong link with Printing Expo is enabling us to reach new audiences.”

Muller Martini’s ultimate goal is to present a complete product portfolio online. For over 70 years the company has provided machines and system solutions to the graphic arts industries. They are renowned for their high quality engineering and innovation and their continuing development of new systems to meet the ever-changing market requirements. When it’s about converting printed paper into a finished product, be it a book a magazine or a catalogue, Muller Martini is known as a market leader in high quality and heavy duty print finishing equipment.  

Adrian Mayr goes on to discuss Industry 4.0

“With the trend for producing ever smaller orders cost effectively and efficiently within the means of mass production, the graphic arts industries, in particular, has a lot of potential for the approaches of Industry 4.0. With our new and innovative machines Muller Martini is making it possible to utilise industrial solutions to economically produce individualised and variable print products. We call this development strategy – Finishing 4.0. It is based on our 4 pillars of automation, connectivity, variability and touchless workflow. These four pillars underpin the capability of all of our machines to produce a stream of products with variable content and differing physical dimensions.

Wayne Beckett, Event Director, concludes, “Muller Martini’s success at Printing Expo is an example of the benefits of taking the broad overview of all the possibilities at this time. Companies who see the advantage of utilising virtual as well as physical resources to market themselves and engage with their audience are benefiting from continual engagement. Printing Expo was not designed to replace live events but to compliment them. I should add that we see Printing Expo as an on-going opportunity for companies to invest in a digital asset that can be used for their own digital marketing campaigns, like Virtual.drupa. They can also be shared by the company’s sales teams around the globe.”