Kornit shows new kit and enhancements at ITMA

by | Jun 13, 2023

Kornit Digital is introducing new kit and enhancements to existing machinery at textile and garment technology exhibition ITMA, which opened today (8 June).

Apollo: capable of decorating 400 unique garments per hour

On its stand (7-A303) at the Milan event, which is running until 14 June, the manufacturer has introduced the Kornit Atlas Max Plus system for decorated apparel, which incorporates integrated smart curing, flexible pallet sizing, and autonomous calibration “for the highest quality, consistency, and productivity”. The device brings increased productivity of 150 garments per hour.

Kornit is also showing the Kornit Apollo system, which offers high-throughput digital production at scale. Built on Kornit Max technology, the company said this single-step system for nearshore short- and medium-run apparel decoration enables customers to become more agile, drive revenue opportunities, shift to localised production, and ease workflow processes.

Capable of decorating 400 unique garments per hour, Kornit said this machine’s automated loading and unloading, integrated smart curing, and inline garment type adjustment yield higher output while reducing the labour required.

“The fashion and textile industry has remained at a crossroads – aware of its limitations but lacking a clear solution for moving from wasteful, inefficient production models,” said Kornit CEO Ronen Samuel.

“Offering a true platform for agile, high-throughput digital production on demand, Apollo transforms what apparel producers and brands can do.

“It empowers them to meet the creative inspirations and ever-changing demands of a global community with capabilities to fulfil those expectations, with quality, consistency, sustainability, and the necessary profitability to scale no matter what unforeseen trends await.”

The recently launched Kornit Atlas Max Poly, a speciality system for polyester decoration, is also being shown at ITMA, as are enhancements to the Kornit Presto Max system for digital fabric decoration on demand.

Targeted at the fashion and home decor industry, the enhanced machine is said to offer “breakthrough capabilities for transforming virtual concepts into brilliant custom fabrics, supplementing best-in-class digital efficiency and quality with industry-first brilliant white printing on coloured fabrics”.

Kornit has also unveiled new NeoPigment Vivido ink, which is said to achieve darker, deeper blacks and colours.

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