ePac Flexible Packaging Adds 50 New HP Indigo Digital Presses

by | Oct 13, 2022

ePac Flexible Packaging is set to add more HP Indigo digital presses as part of its recently announced plan for rapid expansion across the globe.

From left, Steve Powers of HP, Virag Patel of ePac, and HP’s Haim Levit, Jim Runyeon, Noam Zilbershtain and Oran Sokol. (Source: HP)

HP Inc. and ePac Flexible Packaging, the all-HP Indigo leader in digital flexible packaging, announced the purchase of 50 new HP Indigo digital presses to be deployed in existing and new sites around the world, as part of the company’s continued global expansion plan in the largest deal ever for HP Indigo. 

ePac Flexible Packaging is a digitally-based flexible packaging company driven by its mission to help brands and businesses of all sizes remain competitive with a variety of flexible packaging solutions. ePac leverages the latest in digital print technology, providing its customers with a quick and easy way to purchase custom printed flexible packaging.

ePac has been a principal adopter of HP Indigo digital presses since the company’s inception in 2016 and has since upheld a strong and deeply rooted collaboration with HP. Over the past six years, the company’s fleet of HP Indigo digital presses has grown enormously, overseeing large-scale investments of HP Indigo 20000 and HP Indigo 25K digital presses.

The new wave of 50x HP Indigo digital presses, the largest single order in HP Indigo’s history, will accelerate ePac’s production capacity as it continues to disrupt the global flexible packaging market.

Focusing on global expansion, this new fleet will be distributed within 36 new and existing sites across five continents.

“As we recently announced, ePac aims to accelerate its growth and expand its global footprint. Our 50-press acquisition will enhance ePac’s record breaking flexible packaging production on HP Indigo Digital Presses, further rooting our longstanding collaboration with HP. This transition will leverage ePac’s vast market experience together with HP’s unique digital printing technology,” said Virag Patel, COO, ePac.

“ePac Flexible Packaging is leading the global digital flexible packaging movement as it continues to replicate its HP Indigo-based business model in new locations around the world. ePac’s vision to utilize digital print to give a voice to small and medium brands and revitalize local communities exemplifies our joint values and demonstrates the power of digital to have a meaningful global impact,” said Haim Levit, GM of HP’s Industrial Print Business.

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