Allied Printing Expands Digital Services with HP Indigo 12000 HD Press and 15K Value Pack

by | Mar 4, 2022

Allied Printing, a provider of integrated direct mail services, has acquired a new HP Indigo 12000 HD Digital Press, including 15K value pack capabilities, to expand its production capacity and product range.

Installed at Allied’s headquarters in greater Detroit, Michigan, the high-definition press is loaded with the new HP Indigo 15K value pack including thick substrate support and special inks for premium pieces and light packaging, including premium white and security elements for anti-counterfeiting applications using security inks and microtext.

“As a company with a vision to continuously ‘Rethink the Possibilities,’ we added the HP Indigo 15K to stay at the forefront and deliver an amazing new array of digital print products and features to enable our customers to execute the most effective and impactful marketing programs,” said Elly Chichester, Chief Marketing Officer. “Reliability and productivity is exceptional on the new press, running three shifts a day, as much as 24/7, with very little downtime.”

An early adopter of the HP Indigo B2 format printing technology in 2014, Allied has grown its business to nearly 70% direct mail with most of that digital using HP variable data printing capabilities, while relying heavily on its HP PageWide Web Press T300 for longer runs of personalized data applications. Allied provides services to a wide range of national industries including financial services, public utilities, advertising, retail, technology, automotive, and health insurance.

Allied has seen a lot of demand for direct mail from our clients across the United States that benefit from the 29-inch digital format for 6 x 27-inch direct mail pieces that fold to 6 x 9-inch letter size that can be fully personalized, according to Chichester.

New premium HP Indigo 15K capabilities

The HP Indigo 15K digital press and 15K value pack for the HP Indigo 12000 are raising the bar for B2 format printing with new high-definition HD print modes, support for thicker substrates up to 24 pt (600 microns), and new high-value, high-impact inks such as premium white and security inks. These presses are now even surpassing offset quality with high LPI screens and the new FM print mode that pushes HD imaging technology to its sharpest, smoothest, most detailed image quality.

“Whatever device we have digitally must be able to deliver the same quality as our commercial offset printing side,” Chichester noted. An added benefit of Allied’s expanded digital operations is to boost its sustainability offering to clients, she said. Allied has launched a new plant a tree program for all direct mail to rebuild the environment. The program is called Print Relief and we’re proud to have contributed to the daily planting of 4,509 trees.

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